1st International Workshop on Rock Physics, August 7 – 12, 2011, Colorado School of Mines


Note: The material on this website was presented at the 1st International Workshop in Rock Physics, August  7-12, 2011, Golden, Colorado. If your work is influenced by any of this material, you must cite the relevant abstract as a reference.

Boris Gurevich, Dina Makarynska, Osni Bastos de Paula and Marina Pervukhina "Squirt-flow attenuation and dispersion in fluidsaturated rocks: estimates and bounds" - Abstract | Presentation

Claudio Madonna, Nicola Tisato, Brad Artman and Erik H. Saenger "Low frequency measurements of seismic wave attenuation" - Abstract

Claudio Delle Piane, Claudio Madonna, Dave Dewhurst, Erik H. Saenger, Mark Raven "Attenuation and physical properties of shales from the Canning Basin, Western Australia" - Abstract | Presentation

Michael Batzle, Matt Liberatore, Manika Prasad, De-hua Han, William Murphy 3, Bruce Ward, Daniel Rosales, Richard Nolen-Hoeksema, Beckett Boyd, Matt Art, James Trotta, and William Murphy 4 "CHOPS Processes in the Ugnu Formation: Material Behavior of Grains and Fluids" - Abstract

Jérôme Fortin, Emmanuel David, Mathilde Adelinet, Alexandre Schubnel and Yves Guéguen "Frequency and pore fluid effects on elastic properties: New laboratory measurements on Icelandic basalt and Fontainebleau sandstone" - Abstract | Presentation

Angus I. Best, Jeffrey A. Priest, Emily V. L. Rees & Christopher R.I. Clayton "The effect of methane gas hydrate morphology on seismic attenuation - a laboratory resonant column study" - Abstract

Mark Chapman "Frequency-dependent amplitude-versus-offset analysis" - Abstract

Ranjana Ghosh and Mrinal K. Sen "A frequency-dependent fractured poroelastic effective medium modeling" - Abstract | Presentation