1st International Workshop on Rock Physics, August 7 – 12, 2011, Colorado School of Mines

Oral Session 5 - ROCK PHYSICS DYNAMIC PROCESSES: 4D Seismic, Fast Diagenesis, & Fluid Production Effects

Note: The material on this website was presented at the 1st International Workshop in Rock Physics, August  7-12, 2011, Golden, Colorado. If your work is influenced by any of this material, you must cite the relevant abstract as a reference.

Julia Khadeeva and Shihong Chi "4D Rock Physics Modeling for Seismic Constrained Reservoir Description" - Abstract | Presentation

Per Avseth and Norunn Skjei "4-D rock physics modeling of stress and fluid changes on time shifts and time shift derivatives using well log data" - Abstract

Sabine Klarner et al. "Depth dependent rock physics trends for Triassic reservoirs in the Norwegian Barents Sea" - Abstract

Stephen Brown "Geophysical Monitoring of Multiple Phase Saturation of Rocks: Applications to CO2 Sequestration" - Abstract

Tiziana Vanorio, Amos Nur, Yael Ebert "Rock Physics Analysis and Time-Lapse Rock Imaging of Geochemical Effects Due to the Injection of CO2 into Reservoir Rocks" - Abstract

Ralf J. Weger, Klaas Verwer, Peter Swart and Gregor P. Eberli "Velocity Evolution during Controlled CaCO3 Precipitation and Dissolution" - Abstract | Presentation

Tiziana Vanorio, Yael Ebert, and Denys Grombacher "What Induced Dissolution Trends Tell us About Natural Diagenetic Trends of Carbonate Rocks" - Abstract