1st International Workshop on Rock Physics, August 7 – 12, 2011, Colorado School of Mines

Poster Session Session 2

Note: The material on this website was presented at the 1st International Workshop in Rock Physics, August  7-12, 2011, Golden, Colorado. If your work is influenced by any of this material, you must cite the relevant abstract as a reference.

Olusoga Martins Akintunde, Camelia Knapp and James Knapp "Rock Physics Evaluation of the South Georgia Rift Basin Triassic Rocks for Supercritical CO2 Storage" - Abstract

M. Monzurul Alam, Hosea Nguh Akam and Ida Lykke Fabricius "Effect of fluid-solid friction on the stiffness of chalk" - Abstract

 Futoshi Tsuneyama "Simple yet effective method of Vs prediction" - Abstract | Poster

Ravi Sharma, Manika Prasad, Mike Batzle, Sandra Vega "Impact of Fabric Heterogeneity on Time-Lapse Flow and Elastic Properties in Carbonates" - Abstract

V. Mikhaltsevitch, M. Lebedev and Boris Gurevich "'An experimental study of low-frequency wave dispersion and attenuation in water saturated sandstone" - Abstract | Poster

Nicola Tisato, Claudio Madonna, Brad Artman and Erik H. Saenger "Measurements and mechanisms investigation of seismic wave attenuation at low frequencies" - Abstract

Zakir Hossain, Tapan Mukerj and Ida L. Fabricius "Biot’s and squirt flow mechanism of greensand as interpreted using NMR data"