1st International Workshop on Rock Physics, August 7 – 12, 2011, Colorado School of Mines

Poster Session Session 3

Note: The material on this website was presented at the 1st International Workshop in Rock Physics, August  7-12, 2011, Golden, Colorado. If your work is influenced by any of this material, you must cite the relevant abstract as a reference.

Jaime Meléndez Martínez and Doug Schmitt "Experimental measurements of seismic anisotropy in rocks" - Abstract

Waruntorn Kanitpanyacharoen, Frans B. Kets, Hans-Rudolf Wenk "Preferred Orientation of Phyllosilicates and Porosity Analysis in Posidonia Shales" - Abstract

Utpalendu Kuila and Manika Prasad "Variation of elastic moduli of clays with humidity" - Abstract

Frans Kets, Andrew C. Aplin "Knowledge Transfer Between Disciplines: Experience of the EAGE Shale workshops" Abstract | Poster part 1 | Poster part 2 | Poster part 3

Evan Bianco "Creating a software culture beyond the experts" - Abstract | Poster