1st International Workshop on Rock Physics, August 7 – 12, 2011, Colorado School of Mines

Poster Session Session 4

Note: The material on this website was presented at the 1st International Workshop in Rock Physics, August  7-12, 2011, Golden, Colorado. If your work is influenced by any of this material, you must cite the relevant abstract as a reference.

Anna Stroisz and E. Fjær "Tracing causes for the stress sensitivity of elastic wave velocities" - Abstract | Poster

Klaus C. Leurer and Colin Brown "Seismo-acoustic model for unconsolidated sediment used in neural-network inversion scheme" - Abstract

Lucas Pimienta, Joel Sarout, Lionel Esteban and Ludovic Ricard "Microstructure-based modelling of the thermal conductivity of natural and synthetic aggregates" - Slide | Poster

Rone Shu, Rob Keirstead and Scott Singleton "An Efficient Laminated Sand Fluid Substitution Algorithm" - Abstract

Fuyong Yan, De-hua Han "Effect of pore geometry on Gassmann fluid substitution" - Abstract

Ralf Weger, Gregor Baechle, Yue-Feng Sun, Jose Luis Massaferro and Gregor Eberli "Frame Flexibility Factor as a link between Sonic Velocities and Pore Type" - Abstract | Poster

Pavel Golikov, Per Avseth, Alexey Stovas and Ran Bachrach "Rock physics interpretation of heterogeneous and anisotropic turbidite reservoirs" - Abstract | Poster